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2022 Recovery & Sleep Summit

One of the industry's largest events and best values returns for its' 3rd year!

The world's largest sleep and recovery education event has reached over 11,000 attendees in 30+ countries. Don't miss out this year!

May 12th-May 15th

Once again a completely FREE event!

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50+ Industry Leading Speakers

Covering an incredibly expansive list of topics beyond sleep and recovery that includes: business, career mapping, performance, programming, HRV, communication and so much more

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Industry's Best Value-Free Event

Often referred to as one of the industry's biggest values and give backs, the event remains free to watch during the planned dates. The first 1000 attendees to register will also be able to watch last year's talks

Flexibility in Viewing

After experimenting with different models over the last few years, the consensus has been flexibility. You will have the ability to choose which talks you want to watch and at your own pace over the 4 days


This year, we will be planning to have more CEU pre approvals than ever before. Pending and will be announced officially soon!

Engagement & Connection

At the heart of the summit each year is facilitating connection and community. We'll have many opportunities for engagement before, during and after the event

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World's Largest Sleep & Recovery Education Event

The Recovery & Sleep Summit has become one of the biggest & most anticipated events in the industry

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Summit Host

Nick is a long time educator and coach in the industry. His philosophy centers around the idea that coaches are MORE. More than rep counters or exercise experts. That coaches are the healthcare practitioner and should embrace that role & responsibility. His education focuses on empowering coaches to do just that.

Within that, Nick has developed a particular expertise in sleep & recovery. He saw a void in how sleep was focused on and taught in the industry. Despite the fact that sleep impacts every single client goal, it doesn't get nearly enough coaching attention. Nick created a comprehensive certification that provides coaches all that they need to embrace sleep into their process.

Learn More About Nick & Sleep Course

Dr. Jay Wiles

HRV and Stress Resiliency Tracking and Training as Key Variables in Enhancing Performance and Sleep

Learn More About Jay

Matthew Ibrahim

Deceleration & Landing: Building The Brakes

Learn More About Matt

Michelle Boland

Programming for Different Types of Effort

Learn More About Michelle

Mollie McGlocklin

Optimizing Sleep: 7 Strategies For Getting The Best Sleep Of Your Life!

Learn More About Mollie

Sue Falsone

Topic TBA

Learn More About Sue

Kelvin Gary

Topic TBA

Learn More About Kelvin

Nick Shaw

7 Habits of Success

Learn More About Nick

Andrea Hayes

Topic TBA

Learn More About Andrea

Marco Sanchez

Customized Training for Longevity and Disease Mitigation

Learn More About Marco

Angela Gargano

Topic TBA

Learn More About Angela

Dr. John Berardi

Topic TBA

Learn More About John

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 Sahmura Gonzalez

Topic TBA

Learn More About Sahmura

Conor Harris

Topic TBA

Learn More About Conor

Derek Mendoza

Topic TBA

Learn More About Derek

Vernon Griffith

Topic TBA

Learn More About Vernon

Nick Sienkiewicz

The Secret to Recovery: A Foot Fetish?

Learn More About Nick

Teresa Power DeNike

Snoring, Sleep Apnea and Performance

Learn More About Teresa

Joel Jamieson

Topic TBA

Learn More About Joel

Susan Niebergall

Training and Nutrition As We Age

Learn More About Susan

Andrew Coates

Topic TBA

Learn More About Andrew

Melody Schoenfeld

Topic TBA

Learn More About Melody

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Sanjeev Javia

Topic TBA

Learn More About Sanjeev

Gregory Thorne

Recovery Strategies for the Athlete: A Multi-System Approach

Learn More About Greg

David Otey

Topic TBA

Learn More About David

Perry Nickelston

Topic TBA

Learn More About Perry

Antonia Henry

Topic TBA

Learn More About Antonia

Katie St. Clair

Topic TBA

Learn More About Katie

Ali Kershner

Topic TBA

Learn More About Ali

Meghan Callaway

Excelling At Pull-Ups

Learn More About Meghan

Dr. Ramsey Nijem

Topic TBA

Learn More About Ramsey

Mike Robertson

Recovering Your Way to Better Workouts

Learn More About Mike

Brendon Rearick

Building an Adaptable Training Model

Learn More About Brendon

Dr. Jen Case

Topic TBA

Learn More About Jen

Logan Dube

Inclusivity & Belonging to Manage Stress and Promote Better Health

Learn More About Logan

Gareth Sapstead

Abs vs. Core: Training for Show and Go!

Learn More About Gareth

Jonathan Mike

I Like Big Recovery and I Cannot Lie: Sports Supplements You Can't Deny

Learn More About Jon

Cathy MacDonald

Topic TBA

Learn More About Cathy

Rich Thaw

GETTING CREATIVE -- Exercise Lateralizations For Athleticism in Gen Pop & Athletes

Learn More About Rich

Dan John

Topic TBA

Learn More About Dan
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Dr. Lisa Lewis

Topic TBA

Learn More About Lisa

Ian Markow

Topic TBA

Learn More About Ian

Patrick McKeown

Topic TBA

Learn More About Patrick

Korey Van Wyk

Topic TBA

Learn More About Korey

David Bidler & Lex Clark (Physiology First)

Topic TBA

Learn More About Physiology First

Dr. Mike T Nelson

Topic TBA

Learn More About Mike

Robert Linkul

How to Grow Older and NOT Get Weak (Anti-Sarcopenia Training)

Learn More About Robert

Dr. Avi Bhar

Topic TBA

Learn More About Avi

Alex Effer

Topic TBA

Learn More About Dan
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Samantha Ciaccia

Topic TBA

Learn More About Samantha

Rocco Venizelos

Topic TBA

Learn More About Rocco

Martin McPhilimey

Topic TBA

Learn More About Martin

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After more than 20 years of proven, award-winning sleep expertise and the creation of the cooling mattress pad brand, ChiliSleep, we know what it takes to boost your sleep health. We’re real people who understand sleep struggles, but we’re also experts in sleep science. Our foundational belief is that prioritizing sleep is the first and most crucial step on any health and wellness journey. With sleepme, we’ve compiled decades of learning into one comprehensive community of passionate sleep advocates and resources for every stage of your journey.


Lofty goals? Maybe. But when you’re on a mission to help the world rethink wellness, it’s not always going to be easy. We’re invested in the process because we believe in your potential. And when the whole world believes in themselves, well, that’s when real change happens.

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Early Bird Bundle Also Includes:

  • Lifetime access to 2020 and 2021 summit events (totaling nearly 100 speakers) 
  • VIP Access-Exclusive zoom room to connect with and learn directly from event speakers
  • Home study kit to make the most of the weekend
  • Access to post event practical integration group (3 weekly group calls)
  • Preview of the sleep and recovery coaching course
  • Sleep coaching tool kit
  • PDF of speaker slides
  • Additional CEU opportunities