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Understanding How Sleep Actually Occurs

The first step in truly optimizing sleep for yourself and those you work with, is an understanding of the mechanisms that physiologically promote sleep. That either work for us or against us. This presentation provides an insight into those processes!

Sleep is one of, if not the most important pillars of health. Despite this, it's the pillar that's the most neglected and unappreciated, especially in our COACHING. An estimated half of the population is struggling with sleep and there are few practical options for them. Typically sleeping pills that come with negative health implications or hygiene lists that don't amount to much are the only things made available to them

We need to be part of the process to change that. Sleep requires coaching and education. This course will provide you will all the tools and resources you need to actually COACH sleep.

No longer will sleep pay second fiddle to exercise or nutrition or any other aspect of our well being!

What Industry Professionals Have To Say


Sean Light

CEO, 4A Health

Gerard Friedman

Bellhouse Fitness, Health Coach

“I have been researching and collaborating with other professionals over the last few years on the importance of quality sleep and the influence it has on so much of our overall health.  I was fortunate enough to have attended Nick’s Online Sleep Coach live program last year and I left with an enriched understanding of not only the influence sleep has on the system, but also the number of factors and variables that can impact successful outcomes.  He is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and has an amazing ability to disseminate complex material and articulate it into easily digestible information.  He also provides concrete tools that the fitness or other health professional can easily apply to help with managing this complex topic.  I highly recommend his program if you are looking for further tools in your toolbox for you to be able to help your patients and clients.”

Michael J. Mullin, ATC, PTA, PRC

Integrative Rehab Training

Feedback From Our 4-Week Workshop


“Most of us in the Fitness Industry know that getting people moving and eating better will get them healthier and the results they're looking for. But what happens when those 2 things don't get clients the results that they want? That's where sleep and recovery come in! Just like coaching someone through movements and nutrition; sleep coaching is about teaching people habits to prioritize recovery to get the best results that they are looking for.  Learning about how sleep influences the brain and how it regulates systems in the body has changed my perspective on how I view sleep and how I can apply this in my life. This has been a game changer for myself and clients that I've implemented sleep coaching with. I truly believe this was an element that was missing in my coaching program. This course has helped me approach my craft in a more holistic way than I was previously applying.  With this added to my arsenal of other weapons, I am more confident than ever that I can help get my clients the results they are looking for.”

Cody Napaepae, CPT, CFSC, PN

Online Fitness Coach

“I was recommended to the sleep coach via a mutual friend and after reading the course content I signed up straight away. It’s the blueprint of how to coach clients to better sleep and so much science covered it’s worth 10X the investment! If you're serious about your health and your client’s health then this course is a must as sleep is the foundation of our health.”

Angus Buckle

Owner at Mr.B.PT

“There is a lot of sleep information out there! This course helped to organize and streamline ways to integrate that information to provide a more holistic approach to care and performance enhancement.”

Leyla Tannozzini, MS, LAT, ATC

University of Delaware

More Testimonials

"I really appreciate all the material provided in this course, I think the information presented is very well organized and structured to start applying it at your convenience from the first moment. Much of this information I have not seen presented in such an organized way as it was in these 4 weeks. Very practical information and according to the topic. Regarding Nick, very good disposition and responsibility regarding the delivery of material and answering all the questions raised, either by email or the course group. I am very grateful for these incredible 4 weeks."

"Realmente aprecio todo el material brindado en este curso, creo que la información presentada está muy bien organizada y estructurada para comenzar desde el primer momento a aplicarla a tu conveniencia. Mucha de esta información no la he visto presentada de una manera tan organizada como lo fue en estas 4 semanas. Información muy práctica y acorde al tema. Respecto a Nick, muy buena disposición y responsabilidad en cuanto a la entrega de material y responder todas las dudas planteadas, ya sea por email o el grupo del curso. Quedo muy agradecido por estas increíbles 4 semanas."

Nicolas Romo

Physiotherapist, Chile

"Have you ever struggled with sleep? The answer is probably yes, and if it isn’t then I want to know the secret. The reality is the majority of the United States, estimated 75+% currently or has previously struggled with sleep. For every clinician working with clients or patients, this may be a crucial component you may be missing in helping your client reach their goals. Additionally you may be missing this component in yourself and it can greatly impact your professional life.

However, there is a lot of information out there and making sense of it all is a daunting task, then throw application of it all onto the top of the pile and you may find your head spinning. This is where Nick Lambe and his course of Sleep Coaching come in. I recently had the pleasure of attending Nick’s 4-week introductory course into sleep coaching. After being apart of this flagship course, I’d be hard pressed to find anyone as competent, confident, well spoken, open-minded, and down to earth as Nick.

As someone with little to no personal experience in the realm of sleep studies and application, I was worried I may be left behind. Fear not! The course was broken down expertly into digestible and comprehensive slide shows that built upon each other from week to week. Not only was I not left behind, but found myself craving more information which has lead me down wealth of knowledge that sleep coaching can unlock for clinicians who seek it. In addition to the weekly content, Nick created a community via Facebook where discussions were held, ideas flourished, and people from all across the globe were able to connect and share their unique experiences.

I know Nick is releasing a full fledged sleep coaching course and I cannot wait to be apart of it. I believe that anyone in the healthcare field who is not including sleep as a main component of their assessments is doing a disservice to not only their client, but themselves as well. I can’t wait to see the impact that sleep coaching can make on the health care field!"


4-Week Sleep Coach Course

Understanding How Sleep Actually Occurs

The first step in truly optimizing sleep for yourself and those you work with, is an understanding of the mechanisms that physiologically promote sleep. That either work for us or against us. This presentation provides an insight into those processes!


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