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Don't Sleep on Sleep Podcast 

Hosted by Nick Lambe, The Online Sleep Coach

The first sleep podcast focused on coaches and practitioners. Empowering them to improve the sleep and recovery of those who they work with

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Adaptation, Sleep & Recovery Coaching

Please enjoy my presentation from the Ultimate Adaptation summit I hosted. It covers the process of adaptation, recovery concepts and all in the lens of sleep coaching

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Understanding How Sleep Occurs

The first step in truly optimizing sleep for yourself and those you work with is an understanding of the mechanisms that physiologically promote sleep. That can either work for us or against us.

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Why You Should Be COACHING Sleep (free webinar)

Plenty of attention is given to the importance of sleep and rightfully so. However we're still missing the boat by not embracing it into our coaching process. We're leaving results in health and performance on the table. In this webinar, we take a dive into the reasons why you should be coaching sleep and the potential opportunities it could provide!

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THE 5 Pillars to Better Sleep

with Nick Lambe, The Online Sleep Coach

Boost your immune system with more optimal sleep! In this free webinar, I'll provide practical strategies on the top things you can do to improve the most important aspect of your health, sleep.

Sign up whenever you're ready to change your sleep or the sleep of those you work with!

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FREE Sleep Coach Practical Tool Kit

  • Take the first steps towards practically implementing sleep into your coaching process!
  • Be a part of helping the millions and millions that struggle with sleep each and every night!
  • Sleep can be THE missing link in your client or patient’s goals in health, rehab and performance.
  • Much like exercise and nutrition, sleep requires COACHING to ultimately make a real difference.
  • You'll also get $100 off the Sleep and Recovery Coach Certification!
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FREE Presentation on Circadian Biology: Why Timing Matters

Internal clocks and rhythms are present in every aspect of our physiology. Every cell, every organ system, every tissue has a preferred clock. These clocks therefore can significantly impact a client or patient's long term health. 
Learn how these clocks work and how we can influence them for goals in health and performance!
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