Why Be a Sleep Coach?

We have all seen representations of the 3 pillars of health and wellness being exercise, nutrition, and sleep. However I've been continuously surprised with how little attention sleep gets relative to the other two. Particularly in the world of coaching. Everyone has or knows someone who has worked with a coach on exercise or nutrition but the idea of a sleep coach remains foreign. I find this strange due to the fact that sleep requires the same elements of coach that the others do (guidance, education, and accountability). In addition to that, sleep is arguably more important as it sets the foundation for just about every facet of our health and well being (including exercise and nutrition).

There are no shortage of coaches for exercise or nutrition but you'd be hard pressed to find one for sleep. This is what I aim to change with this certification. It aims to bring sleep more into the coaching forefront while changing the way society prioritizes sleep.

Why Certify as a Sleep Coach?

  • Tremendous untapped opportunities. Firstly, roughly half of the population struggles with sleep at some point, some more drastic than others. I would suspect this number to continue to rise as modern society de-emphasizes sleep. Next as mentioned previously, there are so few sleep coaches if any for the adult population. In most cases, people with sleep issues or who just want to take their sleep to the next level are left with 2 options: sleeping pills that come with significant health risk or an online list of sleep hygiene tips. Imagine if we applied that approach to exercise. We would never expect results. The world needs sleep coaches.

  • To truly help clients in the missing link to health and wellness, helping them enhance their overall health, their cognitive function, their mood, their body composition, their energy level, motivation, their physical performance and more. Sleep is the lever that enhances it all.

  • Differentiation. The fitness, health and wellness fields continue to be incredibly crowded. Sleep coaching provides a unique opportunity to stand out, be different and help those in need.

  • Embrace the role of being a healthcare practitioner more involved in the medical community.

  • Open up new doors. Due to how much education there needs to be put out on how important sleep is, you'll have many opportunities for speaking engagements and the like as an expert on sleep.

There is certainly a lot of information on sleep out there but through my digging it is lacking in 2 ways: 1) All the information organized and compiled into a comprehensive but easy to follow learning format, 2) A coaching spin to sleep that demonstrates how to practically help people improve their sleep regardless of their situation.


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