The Sleep & Recovery Coach Certification Course Re-Launch & Updates

The first and most comprehensive practical sleep coaching course is re-launching this December bigger and better than ever before.

  • New content
  • New guest contributors
  • Updated board of advisors
  • New certification/knowledge tracks
  • Massive directory and referral network
  • Workbook for all course students
  • Community group
  • & More!

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Certification Tracks

Content & specific certification distinction for:

  • Sports performance
  • Medical providers
  • Fitness/Behavior

Updated Content

  • More coaching strategies
  • Behavioral coaching focus
  • More on integration

Sleep Coaching & Intervention Directory

Network of coaches, medical providers and individuals seeking sleep help

Community & Engagement

Group exclusive to course students to connect, bounce ideas and network

Sleep Impact on Client Goals

The reality is that sleep will have a multifaceted impact on EVERY single goal your clients will have

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Sleep could very well be the missing link for your clients. Sleep fosters optimal recovery. Recovery breeds adaptation. Adaptation breeds consisitent results 

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