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The Recovery & Sleep Summit

3rd Annual Event

One of the most requested and sought industry events making its return for a 3rd consecutive year

International Industry Audience

Domestic and international audience of health and fitness practitioners totaling 11,000 attendees in over 30 countries

World's Largest Sleep & Recovery Education Event

Proudly the world's largest in this incredibly important and growing topics in the industry

2022 Sponsorship Benefits

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2022 Recovery Summit Sponsorship Options

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Sanjeev Javia. Founder Proze Nutrition

"We sponsored the 2021 summit event and it was a fantastic & profitable experience. The event featured such a captive audience and we continue to get reach outs from the exposure!"

Scott Shortmeyer, Rest & Recovery Podcast

"I was a media sponsor for the Recovery & Sleep Summit. What a phenomenal weekend! I connected with so many speakers & attendees and it did wonders for my podcast and supporting business"

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