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2024 Recovery & Sleep Summit

One of the industry's largest events and best values returns for its' 5th year!

The world's largest sleep and recovery education event has reached nearly 30,000 attendees in 45+ countries. Don't miss out this year!

May 3rd-5th


May 24th-26th

70+ Speakers, CEUs, Flexibility in Viewing

Once again a completely FREE event!

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Join the 2024 Recovery & Sleep Summit

70+ Industry Leading Speakers

Covering an incredibly expansive list of topics beyond sleep and recovery that includes: business, career mapping, performance, behavioral psychology, programming, communication and so much more

See Speaker Line Up (Many More TBA)

Industry's Best Value-Free Event

Often referred to as one of the industry's biggest values and give backs, the event remains free to watch during the planned dates. 

The goal each year is provide as much value as possible in an event!

Flexibility in Viewing

After experimenting with different models over the last few years, the consensus has been flexibility. You will have the ability to choose which talks you want to watch and at your own pace over the 3 days


NSCA Pending

NASM Pending

We also provide documentation and support to petition for other organizations

Engagement & Connection

At the heart of the summit each year is facilitating connection and community. We'll have many opportunities for engagement before, during and after the event

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World's Largest Sleep & Recovery Education Event

The Recovery & Sleep Summit has become one of the biggest & most anticipated events in the industry

2024 Theme: Sharing Your Message

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Summit Collaborating Partner: Precision Nutrition

Excited to share that this year we are partnering and collaborating with Precision Nutrition! Together we are working on a unified goal to promote awareness around the importance of sleep and the viability of sleep coaching

Summit Host

Nick is a long time educator and coach in the industry. His philosophy centers around the idea that coaches are MORE. More than rep counters or exercise experts. That coaches are the healthcare practitioner and should embrace that role & responsibility. His education focuses on empowering coaches to do just that.

Within that, Nick has developed a particular expertise in sleep & recovery. He saw a void in how sleep was focused on and taught in the industry. Despite the fact that sleep impacts every single client goal, it doesn't get nearly enough coaching attention. Nick created a comprehensive certification that provides coaches all that they need to embrace sleep into their process.

Learn More About Nick & Sleep Course

Speaker Line Up (More TBA)

Kevin Carr

Ben Pakulski

Tony Gentilcore

Michelle Boland

Kelvin Gary

Nick Shaw

Jamie Filer


Nathalia Melo

Andrew Coates

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Aram Grigorian

Kait Ann Michelle

Derek Mendoza

Dean Guedo

Ali Gilbert

Michael Mash (Barbell Rehab)

Susan Niebergall

Funk Roberts

Krista Scott Dixon

Jason Brown

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Don't miss one of the biggest events of the year!

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Lee Burton

Gini Grimsley

Jeb Stuart Johnston

Perry Nickelston

Assessing Balance: Why it Matters in Sleep & Recovery & How to Help It

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Megan Lautz

Manny Fraser

Lee Boyce

Luka Hocevar

Eve Guzman

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Matthew Ibrahim

Nick Winkelman

Jonathan Mike

Beth Feraco

Dr. Ken Kinakin

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Ren Jones

Kate Solovieva

Rob Hartman (Bridge Athletic)

Kelsey & Dennis Heenan

Tasha Whelan

Dr. Susie Spirlock

Alyssa Olenick

Tim Jones (Precision Nutrition)

Jill Coleman

Anthony Mendez

Eric Wong Kai Pun

Mike Piercy

Caitlin Vera

Braden Ripley

Austin Current

Cassie Day

Mike Ranfone


Dr. Sam Spinelli


Roger St. Onge

Rick & Mike Tielmans

Kyran O'Neill

Beth Yarzab

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Sam Miller

Jay Ferruggia

Jon Vlahogiannakos

Merrick Lincoln

Eric Leija

Sarah Smith

Alex McBrairty

Clayton Law

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Early Bird Bundle Includes:

  • Lifetime access to the talks of both weekends of the 2024 Recovery & Sleep Summit (70+ talks)
  • Lifetime access to the previous four Recovery & Sleep Summit events (150+ additional talks)
  • Access 50+ talks from the More Than a Trainer Summit
  • LIVE Summit event (12 speakers, June 2024)
  • Access to post event practical integration group (3 weekly group calls)
  • PDF of speaker slides

*Price Increases May 1st