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An education hub for health & fitness coaches & practitioners.

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C-Career Building

✅  The ability to make the most of your career and have sustainable success


Making the most of opportunities that come your way while helping you find new ones along the way

A-Advisement & Accountability

We all need a push sometimes as well as some guidance in the right direction. You'll get that in more ways than one


Sometimes the missing element of education especially in a virtual capacity. Humans thrive off of connection and coaches are no different. We'll have monthly opportunities to foster more connection

H-Healthcare Approach

Health precedes performance or fitness. We as coaches need to embrace the role of healthcare practitioners because we have far more opportunity for impact than any other provider


No longer is it acceptable to be average or status quo at what we do in our industry. It's too competitive so for the sake of our success and that of our clients we must drive to be the best in all aspects of coaching


The reality is that the industry is diluted and it's becoming increasingly important but also difficult to stick out. You'll meet many members who have developed their own niche and help you to do the same.



Virtual Summit Library

Immediate access to 3 existing summit events including 50+ speakers (Sleep & Recovery Summit, Find Your Prime Men's Health, Adaptation.

Regular Summit & Conference Events

A new virtual summit available every other month. Future event topics include: Healthcare collaboration, Career development, Behavioral psychology, and many more.

New Mini Course Every Month

Mini courses from industry leading coaches & experts that will only be available for Coached members. This will be a mix of self paced & interactive sessions.

Bi-Weekly Interviews and Webinars

Regular interviews and hosted webinars from a variety of experts spanning business, coaching, self development and much more.

Virtual Event Hosting 

The option to host your own webinar, course or virtual event. We'll be providing the platform as well as support and guidance in setting things up while you increase your exposure.

Monthly Virtual "Socials"

Once a month we'll host a virtual event exclusive for members that will focus on connection, networking, mentorship as well as having some fun with coaches from all over the world.

Consistent Support & Engagement

We'll have a private slack channel as well as Facebook group to connect with us and all members of the membership.


We'll have a mentor mentee pairing program because coaches need coaches. You'll have the ability for continual mentorship as well as to give back and help out others.

Regular Coaching Skills Workshops

Continual practice on the skills that make coaches indispensable (behavior change, language, communication, empathy, & more)

Industry Product, Course & Book Reviews

The industry is completely overloaded with information. Let us help you filter the important takeaway as we review the industry's best.

Unique Projects & Delivery of Info

Exclusive and extended access to unique industry projects like the Fitness Legends Album

           Existing Summits

What is the Recovery and Sleep Summit?

  • Take a deep dive into the world of Sleep and Recovery
  • The missing links in health, rehab and performance lie in the ability to recover and adapt
  • Recovery breeds adaptation. Adaptation breeds results and resiliency
  • Join the absolute best in the industry experts to learn how to guide your clients to better recovery 


What is the Find Your Prime Summit? 

Learn from a hand-picked team of 32 world-class health, fitness & optimization experts who will provide an "inside" look into how to improve your nutrition, fitness habits, sleeping patterns, mental performance and so much more!  

What is the Ultimate Adaptation Summit? 

This summit focuses on themes of adaptation in two ways: 

  • The process towards facilitating recovery and optimal results for your clients.
  • The ability to adapt to the changes that exist within our crowded and competitive industry.

Building Meaningful Connections Virtually Through Immersive Events

Where learning and growing together happens.

Meet Up. Match Up. Connect.

Collaborate with new coaches who share the same interests and passions. 

Mini Courses Coming Soon! (at least one new course a month)

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Annual Membership Access ($400 Value)

An entire year's worth of access to our COACHED membership (50+ speaker presentations, monthly mini courses, coaching skills workshops, CEUs, mentorship, regular exclusive events and so much more!

4 Week Mentorship & Networking Group ($400 Value)

Coaching skills practice & role play, unique opportunity to connect with other coaches in the membership.

Lifetime Exclusive Access to COACHED Fitness Records ($500 Value)

All future music related and unique projects. Planned projects/albums include: up and comers, inspiration, niche development and more

Exclusive Access to Next Projects & Events ($300)

Our next 3 mini summits are already being planned!

COACHED Membership Annual Plan (Album Offer)

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Membership Host:

Nick Lambe

Nick has been a coach in the industry for over a decade in many different capacities. He spent time working in the rehabilitative space, the strength & conditioning world as well as being an independent educator the last 4 years. He has created a few educational projects including the certified sleep and recovery coach course & the new healthcare practitioner mentorship. He prides himself on empowering coaches to be more well rounded in their approach and embracing the role as a valued healthcare practitioner who can make the greatest impact in client's lives.

Learn More About Nick

Membership Host:

Derek Mendoza

Derek has more than 14 years of experience coaching leaders, athletes, and former athletes to upgrade their mental and physical capacities with the aim of having a greater impact. As a former collegiate athlete with a masters degree in kinesiology, Derek has taken his passion for leadership, sports and mental performance and has turned it into a career that has allowed him to travel the world. Working with teams such as the Seattle Mariners and Team Mexico for the World Baseball Classic, Derek knows what it takes to build an elite mindset while aiming to become the best version of yourself. He specializes in High Impact coaching, helping his clients reclaim their peak physical body and mindset through nutrition, mental performance, and fitness. 

Learn More About Derek

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