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Impactful [FREE] Education to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Business - Coaching - Community - Becoming an Educator


December 11-16


The Impact Education Week is the first of its kind - offering unprecedented value with:

70+ Speakers - Live Workshops - Flexible Viewing - Networking


Customize your learning through FIVE Knowledge Tracks:

Expert Level Coaching

Connect with clients in a deeper way to enhance their experience and results. 

Topics include:

Behavior Change 

Influencing Adherence 

Relationship Building 

Client Experience

New Business

Plan and take action to launch your new business or revenue stream in 2024. 

Topics include:

Business Planning 

Income Generation 

Product/Service Development 

Sales & Marketing to Launch Your New Offering 

Scaling Business

Go next level in 2024 by accelerating your current business results. 

Topics include:

Growth Models

Building Your Team

Expanding Your Services 

Capitalizing On Your Brand

Community & Difference Making

Be a stronger leader and influencer to have a bigger impact. 

Topics include:

Content Creation 

Developing Partnerships

Social Media Strategies 

Amplifying Your Leadership 

Becoming an Educator

Step into this transformational career opportunity and achieve greater success through teaching others. 

Topics include:

Developing Your Voice 

Creating Your Signature Course 

Stepping Onto The Conference Stage

Public Speaking Excellence 

You can focus on and consume one specific track or multiple to customize your week


Brought to you by Nick Lambe, Strength & Conditioning Coach turned educator, event host, and sought after speaker, for a transformational week of professional development.

The Impact Education Week is six days of on-demand training sessions to help you plan and activate your best year yet!

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Each day will feature live workshops for deeper engagement and interaction. 

This is not your typical passive seminar weekend! 

We heard you’re looking for new ways to connect and network with like-minded peers!

Participate in as much, or as little, as you like - including virtual socials and community building.

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 Impact Education Week Speaker Line Up: Phase 1 of 7

Andrew Coates

Funk Roberts

Krista Scott Dixon

 Ben Pakulski

Luka Hocevar

Ali Gilbert

 Eric Wong Kai Pun

 Kasey Jo Orvidas

 Melody Schoenfeld

 Dr. Mike T Nelson

Phase 2 of Speakers 

 Lee Boyce

 Dr. Sam Spinelli

 Jill Coleman

 Gini Grimsley

 Joe Defranco

 Michelle Boland

 Aram Grigorian

 Ren Jones

 Cody Sipe

Phase 3 of Speakers 

 Dr. John Berardi

 Dr. Allan Bacon

 Eve Guzman

 Lex Lancaster

 Chris Cooper

 Korey Van Wyk

 Gill Whelan

 Pat Rigsby

 Jessie Thomas

Phase 4 of Speakers 

 Dr. Jordan Shallow

Kait Ann-Michelle

Kelvin Gary

Tony Gentilcore

Beverley Simpson

Charlie Weingroff

Anthony Mendez

Beth Yarzab

Derek Mendoza

Sue Falsone

Phase 5 of Speakers 

Dr. Lisa Lewis

Enrico Incarnati

Perry Nickelston

Dr. Ken Kinakin

Paul Oneid

Jon Cheung

Kelsey Heenan

Alex Effer

Sam Miller

Phase 6 of Speakers 

Farrell Kaufman

Nathalie Lamcombe

Rui Da Silva

Dr. Jade Teta

Cody Hill

Christopher Fudge

Jeb Stuart Johnston

Michelle Johnson Jerome

Mike and Rick Tielemans

Phase 7 of Speakers 

Dr. Jon Mike

Alex McBraity

Logan Dube

Michael Mash

Practical Focus

Impact Education Week will emphasize action and real life integration of the content unlike any other virtual event has before.

We will have dedicated LIVE integration workshops throughout the week to help you digest the material and practically implement it into your coaching, your business, your life

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CEUs Pending 

Stay tuned for details soon on CEU pre approvals that will be available for attendees who take part in Impact Edu Week!

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Impact Education Week Exclusive Sponsor: Tribe Secrets

Tribe Secrets is a collaboration between Mike and Rick Tielemans & Funk Roberts.

As our sole sponsor for Impact Education Week, they will be walking through how to build customers & community for life