Meet Your Raise the Bar Hosts

Nick & Derek are two long time coaches with a combined 25+ years of experience in all types of settings. They have seen their fair share of struggles both for themselves and the industry as a whole. They're committed to ensuring they share their experience with other coaches and practitioners. 

They have a passion & focus for elevating the industry's standards and "raising the bar"

Nick and Derek have had the pleasure of both hosting in person and virtual events and educational experiences featuring 150+ speakers and reaching over 15,000 attendees. In addition to their own experience and expertise, they've developed a close intimate network of industry leaders that they are working alongside to better the health and fitness industry.

COACHED Education

At the root of the education Nick & Derek provide is the COACHED brand. An education & mentorship founded on crucial pillars and the idea that "coaches need coaches"

C-Career Building


A-Advisement & Accountability


H-Healthcare Approach



The Raise the Bar Mission

⭕ Reach & empower 2000 coaches & practitioners to inspire industry change & growth

 1️. Elevate the standard for health & fitness coaches

2. Provide practical education around the missing links of the industry (communication, collaboration, etc.)

3. Create & facilitate a community of change


Some of Nick & Derek's Events & Projects

The industry has long been in need of a revolution, a kickstart to bring about some serious change. We hope you'll join us on that journey to Raise the Bar


-Nick Lambe & Derek Mendoza