Real Coaches Summit: Pregame ENCORE

A virtual summit leading up to one of the industry's most up and coming events

March 1st-3rd, Free to Attend

Bringing together 55+ coaches on the rise and who are actually in the trenches having impact.

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Expansive Topics Covered

With a line up of more than 40 speakers who genuinely coach every day, topics will be practical and provide windows into many different backgrounds

Flexibility in Talk Viewing

All of the talks are pre-recorded and available throughout the whole event. Meaning regardless of time zone and schedule, you can watch what you want at your own pace

Unique Educational Focus

Real Coaches Summit, its' host and the community it faciliates take a no nonsense approach to our industry. Focusing on what is actually important when coaching clients. The virtual pregame is no exception

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Prime for the In Person Real Coaches Summit: Vegas, March 11 and 12, 2024

Get a taste of the industry's most "real coaching" focused event. Experience the benefit of a no BS, anti influencer and tactical type of education

Real Coaches Host: Aram Grigorian

Real Coaches Pregame Lineup

Derek Stanley

Sam Forget

Daniel Yores

Attila Körtvélyessy

Alex McBrairty

Alison Katschkowsky

Gareth Sapstead

Christle Guevarra DO MS CAQSM

Pak Androulakis Korakakis

Coach Jayme Shiarla

Stephanie Jimenez

Kevin Driscoll

Stephanie Crassweller (Fusnik)

Paul Campbell

Chris Liddle

Chelsea Cross

Adam Badger

Bryan Fitzsimmons

Sarah Smith

Isaac Miller

Nicole Doria, MS CPT

Ben Mayfield-Smith

Claudio Boni

Garrett "GQ" Query

Braden Ripley

Jesse Cracco

Amanda Hanquist

Shawn Hanquist

Kevin Dineen

Dr. Laura Ricci

Julia Caban

Semaj Hunter

Lauren Tomlin

Chester Sokolowski

Daniel DeBrocke

Renee Bellinger

Samantha Wallace

Paul Oneid

Lee Boyce

Emily Carlson

Jared Hamilton

Mike White

Jim Hallinan

Caleb Fong

Allison Fahrenbach 

Joelle Cavagnaro

Kenny Lipton

Ryan Kassim

Alex Luis

Darci Molina

Cassidy Holdsworth

Andres Vargas

Ashley Dwyer

Brinley Barton

Matthew Headden

Neha Nautiyal

Nathan Jones

Nick Ross

Abraham Anjarkouchian

Sam Kwieraga

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